About The Custom Path

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the negative aspects of mass tourism - environmental damage, exploitation of local communities, much of the income from tourism going to large international corporations rather than to benefit local areas. Traditional travel agents and their commission based income stream pushes travellers into mass market destinations, internationally owned accommodation and overrun experiences. We believe that we can (and must) travel differently - in a way that both benefits us deeply and permanently and also sustainably benefits local environments and people. Travel styles have changed over the decades from sightseeing to experiences and now to a deeper way of travelling - Transformational Travel. This style of travel is significantly more satisfying and enjoyable. It involves us taking extra time in each location, being intentional about connecting with others, being mindful and curious about others' cultures and beliefs, being mindful of the effect that we have on the environment, and focusing on how we grow as individuals through our travel experiences.

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