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For this week, we are featuring Women in Digital. Women in Digital is a global community dedicated to connecting, educating, and empowering women in digital. Through their services, they support women to pursue a career in tech and become the digital leaders of tomorrow. We interviewed Carly Shearman, Community Manager of Women in Digital to get to know the brand better.


Who is your Purpose Driven Brand crush?

Who Gives A Crap. It’s an obvious one but how can you not? Everything they do is FLAWLESS. The branding, the customer experience, the business model and most importantly, how they COMMUNICATE the impact. They have really nailed bringing the customers on the journey and making them feel part of the purpose. 

There are so many amazing organisations doing great work but no one knows about it and then the support dies down. Who Gives A Crap has absolutely nailed it and from something as simple as toilet paper. 

I am also very much in love with Banish (an eco-marketplace). They have a really clear purpose, strong metrics around the impact they (and their customers are having) and all while supporting Australian businesses and creators!  


How do you (or your brand) make the world a better place?

Women in Digital is an organisation dedicated to connecting, educating and empowering our way to gender diversity in digital. We strongly believe that technology for all people needs to be built by all people and that you can’t be what you can’t see.


If your brand is a superhero, who would it be and why?

Hmm… this is a brilliant question! I am not a BIG superhero person so I am really wracking my brain here. Maybe a combo between Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo (go-getting, values brains/intelligence), AntMan (we’re small but mighty) and as if I couldn’t include Wonder Woman! She is independent, fearless and one of the greatest heroes.


Who do you look up to for inspiration?

I am very lucky as my job is literally being surrounded by amazing, go-getting, driven and high-performing people all day everyday – from our community members, corporate partners, colleagues and our founder, Holly and I absolutely draw inspiration from them. 

I think more broadly, there is no one singular person that I look up to for inspiration. I think that’s too much pressure to put on one person as everyone has their flaws and faults. 

Thinking of my favourite books, Melinda Gates’ The Moment of Lift definitely comes to mind. I know that there are some criticisms around the Gates’ but Melinda using her voice to share others’ stories in such a way is awesome. Melinda also does a lot of work in getting more women into tech and providing them with scholarships as well.


What is your brand most proud of?

The Women in Digital Awards without a doubt. It is our national awards program we do each year. Bringing together INCREDIBLE humans, innovative companies and celebrating the achievements of the industry, there is nothing better!


What change do you want your customers/clients to see?

That building diverse teams shouldn’t be an altruistic act, but a key driver for innovation, culture and profitability.


What cause/change/problem would you love to collaborate on?

This is such a difficult one as there are so many causes and worthwhile causes to want to get involved in. For Women in Digital, we are so heavily focused on working with and for women to help them achieve their goals and I think the flow on effect for that is huge.

For me personally, I would love to do more work in the DV and mental health space – I think those two things are quite heavily intertwined in so many ways. And also, environmental projects – I am a big believer in everyone doing their bit imperfectly vs. a few doing their bit perfectly when it comes to sustainability and eco-movements.


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