Join the Community as an Individual

Community is the key to us magnifying the impact we each make individually. Be active. Come to events. Bring someone each time. Talk about the movement. Let’s be the fastest growing conscious-business region in the world!

Become a Member Organisation

GoodNorth requires no certification and no fee. We’re a collective of organisations making a simple declaration that we make decisions considering more than just profits. Let’s lift each other up. Promote each other, learn from each other and collaborate. If you’d like to join and be listed in the directory, just answer a few questions about your company and endeavors.

Sponsor the Community

Is this your tribe? Your target market? Are you passionate about making it the fastest-growing region for conscious-business globally? Consider sponsorship. We welcome creative ideas – you could donate anything from your venue, your services, an internship, funding to reduce the ticket cost for an event… the list goes on.

More Actions You Can Take Now

Responsible Buying

Shop Smart. Save Money. Support Causes. No Cost.

Responsible Entrepreneurship

Responsible Employment

Align Your Work With Your Values.

Responsible Banking/Investing

If you use a bank, you are an impact investor. Your bank invests your deposits as it sees fit, whether that be in the tobacco industry or back into your local economy. Learn more at the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

Responsible Community

Connect, Support, Facilitate

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