GoodNorth is our sanctuary when it comes to helping communities thrive. By building a network of purpose-led businesses, we are able to connect with awesome people!

For this week, we are featuring The Social Deck. Interviewing Melanie Butcher – the Director of Impact and Engagement – was a breath of fresh air! Their team’s awesomeness is flowing through their impact initiatives, and we can’t help but admire their work.

The Social Deck specialises in strategic communications, stakeholder and community engagement, digital strategy, social marketing campaigns and evaluation. Through their services, they are able to positively influence communities and address social and environmental concerns.


Who is your Purpose Driven Brand crush?

We can’t really go past Who Gives A Crap – they have a really strong brand and a clear voice.


How do you (or your brand) make the world a better place?

At its core, the part of our work that most makes the world a better place is the empowerment of the communities we work with.


If your brand is a superhero, who would it be and why?

We identify most with Captain Planet and the Planeteers – they embody great leadership bringing together different skills and strengths (especially heart!).


Who do you look up to for inspiration?

We can’t help but be continually inspired by the communities we work with and the values they advocate for. We’ve especially been inspired by the passion, resilience and initiative that we see from the young people we engage with.


What is your brand most proud of?

We take pride in practising what we preach, as we work toward SDGs in both big and little ways.


What change do you want your customers/clients to see?

We want our clients to see the examples we set and expect for things that should be standard practice, in service to values like inclusivity and respect and including policies like compensating people for their input.


What cause/change/problem would you love to collaborate on?

We love it when we have opportunities to use our skills and resources to support partners to achieve their social and environmental goals.


What SDGs are you working towards?

The Social Deck’s policy is to undertake projects that advance Sustainable Development Goals.


If you are a purpose-led brand that’d love to create a positive impact on the world, feel free to message us and we’d love to feature you!