Do you know what we love about GoodNorth?

We’ve met so many great people in the tribe, and we can’t help but share their awesomeness with the community! We’ve interviewed some purposeful brands that have taken a step further in creating ripple effects for the good of the world. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be putting each of them in the spotlight!

This week, we’ll start off with SilverChef AU. SilverChef provides flexible equipment finance for hospitality businesses, proudly investing more than $1bn into the hospitality industry since 1986.

Who is your Purpose Driven Brand crush?

The Sponge.

I am inspired by and love how Luke Faccini is committed to the BCorp movement, runs his business for good and takes huge responsibility to build the movement of good businesses in Brisbane and beyond. What a legend!


How do you (or your brand) make the world a better place?

SilverChef helps people achieve their dreams. We delight in knowing our customers can achieve their dreams of opening and growing their business because of our backing. And because of this partnership with our customers we can invest in our local and global community to help lift people out of poverty.


If your brand is a superhero, who would it be and why?

Think about any kind of mentor character, such as Dumbledore, Yoda, Mr Miyagi or the Genie in Aladdinthey all remain ‘themselves’ and yet help others find themselves and achieve greatness. This is precisely what SilverChef does. We are the catalyst that helps hospitality people achieve their dreams.


Who do you look up to for inspiration?

Personally I look up to Allan English the Founder of SilverChef. A kind, generous and smart man who created a very clever business in SilverChef and He  understood how linking purpose with profit could drive further business success and bring good to the world.


What is your brand most proud of?

We’ve helped almost 53,000 hospitality businesses, many of which wouldn’t have been able to open or grow without our support.


What change do you want your customers/clients to see?

That doing good is good for business. Aligning purpose with profit is not only possible it makes for strong returns and good sustainable growth.


What cause/change/problem would you love to collaborate on?

I personally have a heart for displaced people. I would love to work on more collaboration to help displaced individuals settle successfully into their new countries and start achieving their dreams.


What SDGs are you working towards?

SilverChef, through our partnership with Opportunity International Australia, is committed to ending world poverty. To date we are proud to have helped over 1.5 million people out of poverty, this is done through a simple microloan provided by Opportunity International – often as little as $70 which helps people lift themselves and their families out of poverty through business ownership.


Tune in again next week for another one of our favourite brands in the spotlight! Or if you are a purpose-led brand that’d love to create a positive impact on the world, feel free to message us and we’d love to feature you!