We don’t believe in perfection, however we have a theory to test in 2020. You will be the measure of its success.
 First up, happy new decade.

Time to bring it and make the changes we seek! 

Much to share – So at a glance!
Here are the five key things we want you to know about today:

  • Quick recap & Legends list
  • Protect these dates in your diary
  • Help us identify awesome potential venues (especially for Feb!)
  • A taster of our bold plans for Earthbound 2020
  • Who is who in the Zoo?

The Quick Recap

Throughout the 18 months this tribe has existed we’ve been carefully listening to what you want and have been curating the line up to suit. And we’ve been learning!

Here’s some of the milestones we’ve hit together:

  • First Earthbound event
  • First events in Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast
  • Renamed to GoodNorth
  • Brand new members website
  • 400+ subscribers
  • And finally the new events calendar for the region

The Force is Strong

While we don’t have a Baby Yoda, we do so many awesome tribe members have made GoodNorth what it is. Here are the legends who have had a voice and contributed so far:

Timothy O’Brien, Mandy Doon, Athanasia Price, Cathryn Hargreaves, Josh Manion, Robert Pekin, Paul Wood, Sally Townsend, Ben Ashmole, Oliver Morgan, Carly Brant, James Perrin, Jasmin Daly, Tim Baxter, Ryan Sharpley, Stephanie Brodeur, Nat Woods, Dan Fitzgerald, Danny Almagor, Delta Kay, Gerard Williams, Sean Latham, Jessica Leitmanis, Cedar Anderson, Julian Mitchell, Joan Loewensohn, Kate Nelson, Sara Rickard, Saadi Allen, James Grugeon, Monica Bradley, Natalia Alarcon Correa, Gaya Subramaniam, Christopher Magick , Anjel Wheeler, Vannessa Hennessy, Mel Butcher, Christine McDougall, Natalie Newby, Murray Galbraith, Ben Fahey, Ebony Fowler, Wendy McCormick, Martin Richards, Rahul Patel, Mindy Leow, Gayle Hardie, Ksenia Demidova, Anastasha Deyour, Luke Faccini

If you have FOMO, embrace that fear! Our bold plans for the year need teamwork! This tribe is an awesome tribe only because of the energy all of you bring. Get in touch and share your special gift, knack, knowhow, or yet-to-be-directed awesomeness.

Dates for 2020

Remember the community calendar we shared last year? Link to video
Our dates are set. More are being added by the other event people in our community. Got some? Add them now!

Our first GoodGathering’s of the year are coming up

Our first is Brisbane on 19 February and because many people have asked, it will be a Speed Networking for Good event. If you’ve yet to experience one of these, you will be warmly welcomed into the tribe and make 10 new friends on a deeper level. Awesome!

If it works out as we expect, these will become a fixture in the calendar, alternating with other awesome experience-centered events. The strength of our tribe is in the connections we have between each other.

So, save the date! And help with the next bit.

Our first GoodGathering’s of the year are coming up

What if there was a detailed list of awesome venues that people who are planning good events could reference? (Maybe there is?)

Our event team need to know of all the amazing venues in the community, especially those suitable for our upcoming Speed Networking for Good event.

The things we need to know (not all at once though):

  • Name
  • Location
  • Capacity (seated/standing)
  • Cost
  • Alignment with GoodNorth values
  • Is it air-conditioned (no more sweat boxes, at least in Summer!)
  • Acoustics/sound quality
  • Option to bring our own food and bev
  • Facilities like furniture and glassware

Earthbound 2020!

Our committee and advisory team have been working on the next two installments of Earthbound. All the feedback attendees shared has been thrown into the mix and we have the seed of an awesome plan.

We are going big, because the world needs big change right now. Our tribes – YOU – are the legends on the bleeding edge of what can drive that change. So we will need your help. It cannot happen without you. We’ll share more in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Who is who in the Zoo?

Member Profiles
There are 400+ awesome people in our tribe list, and only a handful of member profiles on GoodNorth.co so far. How can we support each other if we don’t know what we each do?
It doesn’t cost you anything to add yours. Go for it!

I look forward to what 2020 has for our tribe!

Luke Faccini
On behalf of the GoodNorth crew