In late September, Mindy Leow from B Lab joined us to talk business and the climate crisis, and how we can take a leadership role.

She shared a presentation on the latest climate science from Al Gore’s Climate Reality project and then led a discussion on how we can all step up and take the lead.

Putting our heads together

We all shared ways we are making an impact already or ideas we’ve been thinking about pursuing. Keep an eye out for the combined list of actions and ideas from events Australia-wide to see what your fellow Goodfolk are doing.

Resources to help your business take further climate action

Mindy also shared these great resources for businesses wanting to up their game:

  1. Climate Emergency Declaration playbook for business to declare an emergency, developed by B Lab UK.
  2. Climate Action Guide for businesses, developed by B Lab North America – download the document or read the full Medium article.
  3. Carbon Neutral Certification Program by the Australian Commonwealth Government, considered one of the best in the world.
  4. Market Forces – A website that provides great information about divestments and which Banks, Insurers and Super Funds are investing in fossil fuels. There are good reports and you can use their website to send a letter to your super fund asking them to divest from fossil fuels. Here are some letter templates to write to and engage with your Super Fund.
  5. War on Waste video by B Corp ClarkeHopkinsClarke (4 mins) – After doing a waste audit, they discovered 4 simple ways to reduce waste to landfill by 31% and be better at reducing, reusing and recycling. Could you too be an exemplar by documenting your climate actions and sharing them publicly for others’ benefit?
  6. Project Drawdown is one of the world’s leading resources for climate solutions – The book is fantastic and you can read from their website the top 80 solutions for climate change that are already being implemented in the world.

Are you using something else you think our community should know about? Is there anything above that has come in really useful? Let us know!

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