Byron to Bundy Rename to GoodNorth

[Case study originally published by Luke Faccini on The Sponge website here]

What does the name Byron to Bundy say to you?

It will likely depend on whether you are familiar with Byron Bay and Bundaberg. And if not, then the need for renaming will be obvious already.

Many brands get to a tipping point of confusion, difficulty and limitations of a name. Then it becomes imperative to rename. There are several good reasons to do so. In a previous article at The Sponge we cover the top 8 reasons brands rename.

In this post we will look at the situation for Byron to Bundy. Then we’ll detail the main problems caused by the name, and how it got there. With the autopsy complete, we will explore the challenges for the new name. And then the new name itself and how it addresses each goal.

After the reveal, we will also cover the next steps for transitioning to the new name.

Who, or What is Byron to Bundy?

It is a little over a year since the formation of Byron to Bundy. And a lot has happened since that fateful meeting. A handful of Certified B Corps and friends hashed out a bold plan to grow the community. I was in that meeting.

The plan was exciting. Without much thought, we agreed on a name which represented our B Corp Community. It was for the region broadly spanning Byron Bay to Bundaberg. It was Byron to Bundy B Corps. The name was fun and had some interesting alliteration, and at a surface level represented us. So it stuck.

In hindsight, we were too eager to get going, and didn’t invest in the brand story work I insist on with clients. I don’t think any of us really thought about how that name would be used, or problems the wider community may have with it. Especially me – the branding and naming guy!

Byron to Bundy website screen grab

The Problems Begin to Bubble Up

The first issue with the name Byron to Bundy B Corps was the need to drop the B Corps. It was causing issues within our community with people feeling excluded. It became clear we needed to be inclusive of more than B Corps and those interested in certification. That meant social enterprises, not for profits, and conscious people in not-so-purposeful roles. As well as conscious people looking for purposeful roles. We are about getting good people together!

The alliteration was fun, but people were getting it wrong. We were hearing Bundy to Byron and even distant cities like Byron to Bondi. Each was making it difficult for word of mouth to work.

Byron to Bundy on its own has no context for what it is about. We added the tagline “Business for Good” to solve this. And while it helped when people saw it, it didn’t get said. Byron to Bundy is too long as it is. Five syllables is too long!

Humans are lazy. We will shorten anything to one or two syllable nicknames. Byron to Bundy gets shortened to BtB, or B2B. Both an easier, three syllable acronym, that share a more recognizable meaning – something else though – which is confusing! A huge problem.

But wait, there is more! Many people who attended events shared that they mistook Byron to Bundy for some sort of race. And these are people who persisted and found out what it was really about. How many potentials guests dismissed it outright?

Last but not least, Byron to Bundy was getting interest from people north of Bundaberg. And they felt excluded. So the name was limiting the scope of service, and our intention is far greater North.

So Many Problems!

In summary, before we named, we didn’t define our brand purpose, values, or model! We didn’t talk to the market to get clear on who would be our community members (our customers)! And we didn’t really even get clear on our impact model, so we did none of the foundation work before the name. We were way too eager. And destined for problems!

With New Clarity Comes The Renaming Challenge

A year of events under the belt now, and over 400 attendees, we’ve learned a few things. The scope of the organisation for the next 5 years is clearer. As is what we need the name to convey. And who our community need us to be.

The main attributes we want the new name to embody are:

  • Increased scope within Australia (and potentially global)
  • A movement (in conscious business)
  • And momentum (be forward moving)

And of course, be short, memorable, sound good, be easy to say and spell. And all the other powerful brand name keys we preach at The Sponge.

The New Name!

The name came as a revelation in a moment of meditation. It was after many hours of idea storming and contemplation. Renaming takes time!

The brand new name is: GoodNorth

Here’s how it measures up:

  1. Increases the scope to include community to the very tip of Australia. And addresses the current community with ease.
  2. GoodNorth is true north. Good is the true north. Find your true north at GoodNorth. This whole idea changes the context to that of a global movement of Goodness (in business and life).
  3. North is upwards and onwards, embodying positive momentum.

So it ticks the box for all three.

And it is short – two syllables, so hard to screw up. It is easy to say, easy to spell, and we have registered it as it was freehold. And it connects with our recent GoodGatherings, the name of our last round of Byron to Bundy events. Winning!

Where to From Here – Next Steps?

This is the first announcement of the new name. Now that renaming is done and the new name secured. With any renaming there is a transition period for the community. There will be a sustained storytelling process to share the new evolution of the brand story.

The new brand identity is now done. It carries into it some of the current brand elements, so it will have connection to the past. The brand reveal also forms part of the community journey. The website has been cloned (you are on it now) and updated on the new domain name with a storytelling piece heading the page. That is to update those who miss the communications with the why.

The New Brand – And the Rationale in the Design

Find out what it means in this video.

All the rest of the assets are being updated to match the new name too. Everything can happen smoothly, to plan. And the next upcoming events will get everyone familiar with the new name and brand.

Byron to Bundy to GoodNorth. There is much to do before we can report on the impact that the new name will make. But just quietly, we are all a bit excited about it!

Yours in Branding Goodness,
Luke Faccini