GoodNorth: What led you to create GreenKPI?

Johanna Kloot: In 1998 I received devastating news. Due to a viral infection I was unable to pass my medical exam leaving Qantas no choice but to medically retire me. Unable to fly as a first-class pilot, my dream job vanished before my very eyes.

Or so I thought.

This life-changing event forced me to reconsider my future and what was important to me. Having travelled the world extensively I had seen first-hand the devastating consequences climate change was having on our planet, and upon holding my nephew – just days-old – I looked him in the eyes and made him a promise: I would do everything within my power to ensure a sustainable future for him and his family.

I undertook a Bachelor Degree in Sustainability, with a major in Business, and launched a successful career as a Sustainability Consultant and Educator. I had discovered a vocation I was even more passionate about helping businesses become sustainable by reducing their impact on the environment.

But I soon realised this wasn’t enough. That if I was to truly fulfil that promise and leave a lasting legacy for my family I would have to find a way to help millions of businesses make the transition to sustainability by removing three barriers – cost, time and knowledge.

I recognised that many businesses are unable to afford a Sustainability Consultant. And even if they did understand the impact having a Sustainability Management Plan could have on attracting more business while reducing costs and risk, as well as making the world a better place, they didn’t have the time or the know-how.

I wanted to develop a solution that provided practical guidance on how to become more sustainable for large corporates as well as small to medium enterprises (SMEs). This was important because 70-80% of the world’s businesses are SMEs and to make maximum impact, we need to clean up the supply chain all businesses need affordable access to sustainability guidance.

That’s why I created GreenKPI – Australia’s first cloud-based Sustainability Management Software that helps businesses assess their workplace, provide guidance on how to improve their sustainability across environment, social and economic indicators, then track and maintain their performance with automated metrics and reporting coded on the Global Reporting Initiative.

GoodNorth: What have been, or still are, your key challenges?

Johanna Kloot: Perfecting my elevator pitch. There are so many great benefits and features in GreenKPI, I find succinctly telling our story and value to business, society and the environment a challenge. Apologies in advance if you ever ride the elevator with me!

GoodNorth: What do you see as the biggest opportunities?

Johanna Kloot: An increasing awareness that sustainability is good for business is a huge opportunity. Consumer demand, legislation, financial institutional changes and community pressure are driving the transition to business for good.

GoodNorth: Where do you see yourself, and your business in 5 years?

Johanna Kloot: I will be travelling the world engaging with clients, strategic partners and supporting the transition to sustainable business.

GreenKPI will be providing sustainability guidance and support to businesses all over the world.

GoodNorth: Who are 3 businesses or business people who have been most inspiring for you?

Johanna Kloot:

  1. Ellen MacArthur has worked hard and effectively in bringing the circular economy into mainstream thinking on governance, design and consumer expectations.
  2. Leanne Kemp has combined emerging technology with ethics to help good people stop bad people from hurting voiceless people.
  3. Elon Musk backs himself no matter how far from his comfort zone it takes him. I love that he
    recently released his Telsa patents to help fight climate change.