Contributor Guides

Hello wonderful human, thanks for putting your hand up to share content on As a member of the community we are keen to publish your photos and your words!

This is the easiest way that visitors and community members will get to know you better.

Here are a few guidelines to let you know what we’re hoping to publish.

On this page we have blog guidelines + a link to an interview style form, and image guidelines.

Blog Post Brief

What Are the Blog Posts For?

The website itself is a place for community members to find information about ‘conscious-business’ goings-on in our region. And to find out who else is in the broader community. It’s also a shop window for people who want to know more about our movement.

The blogs then, are an opportunity for community members and potential members to get to know each other. It helps us to get a feel for what we each do and the types of amazing humans in our organisations. It’s also a place where you know you’re connecting with a values-aligned audience.

What Type of Posts Should You Write?

The choice is yours but here are a few ideas:

  • An introduction to your organisation: what you do; what makes you ‘conscious’ / purpose-led / ethical or whatever else you like to call it; what led you to where you are; what excites you or gets you out of bed each morning?
  • A profile featuring someone at your organisation: how they make a positive change in this world; what led them to where they are now; advice for those wanting to get to where they are; opportunities for collaboration.
  • Share insight from your industry that might be useful for other conscious-orgs: if you’re a services organisation let others know how your knowledge might benefit their conscious-business; if you learnt the hard way about setting up a non-profit vs social enterprise vs for-profit business share what you learnt; if you know about telling stories to promote good things share your top tips – you get the picture…
  • Promote great stuff you’re doing – you have a captive audience, already aligned to your beautiful values, share things you’re doing if you’d love to have them onboard.

What Else Should You Know?

Just some basic good blog practice (p.s. if this bit is tricky for you, you might want to consider the interview format or ask one of our volunteer crew to help with your editing.)

  • Have an attention-grabbing headline
  • Use images (at least one for the top, and ideally at least one more)
  • Break up your writing using subheadings
  • Think about the three main things you want to convey in your post and structure your post from there
  • Use a conversational tone – write like you talk
  • We don’t really have a word limit but probably try to stick to under 2,000 words. You’re welcome to be much shorter too!

We will spread these posts via our social media and email outs too (once we get in a newsletter rhythm. So think long term blog post contribution. Perhaps a series of posts over the coming months/years starting with your why, then moving through what’s going on and promotions.

GoodNorth Website Photo Brief

We would love to use your photos rather than cheesy stock imagery.

We want our tribe website to be welcoming and inspiring. To be warm and inclusive. Loads of smiles, passion, and good business. All that good stuff!

There are banner images on our home page and various other pages for the Who, What, Why etc. There are also little photos throughout these pages that are relative to the page content. Lots of opportunities to show off your business!

Here is what we are looking for.

This website serves multiple purposes.

It is an inspiration for those new on the journey of conscious business. They may not yet know how what they do can be considered conscious. So we need to show the variety of work that our good business tribe does. Photos that show craftsmanship, production, teamwork etc is great. Capturing the passion and purpose of the business, even better.

It is to invite people to become part of the tribe. We want to create the sense of community. We have a gallery that we will feature photos from our gatherings. If you have any that are from these events, please share them. If you have photos of you and your team smiling and interacting in a way that says community, then awesome. Share them with us
It is to inspire positive impact through business! Nothing better for this than the positive impact you create, being directly created by your organisation. With you and your team involved. This is inspiring stuff. We want to inspire!

We can crop and treat any images. They need to start at a relatively high resolution. At a minimum 1280 pixels wide.

Email them to