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After 8 years in Online marketing & 20 years in business, what I have identified is that being resilient in business is about knowing your numbers, not just your profit and loss but knowing who and where your clicks are coming from, what traffic source gives you quality traffic, not just clicks. If you want your business to thrive you need to be aware of what is working and what sucks in your content & marketing. It gets really cool when you can spot a drop off on a page and it comes from Facebook but you know your GOOD TRAFFIC comes from LinkedIn so you don't go off and get busy fixing content for the traffic that doesn't do anything positive for your business anyways!! Access to this level of data can be a little, with just learning how to use your Analytics better than how it comes out of the box from Google or you go deeper into your Analytics by investing in the set up of Google Tag Manager and Data Studio. It becomes like a dashboard that you would have in your car to let you know slow down, speed up, throw money at that it's refined now. Most businesses don't question why things are working when times are good, they question it when the Ad stops working for some reason or the conversions are not there anymore on some of your key pages. And the beauty of it all is that if you want your data in Graphs and pictures no problem, if you like numbers and you want tables and lines easy done. The reporting is for you as a business owner to use and when you can see what is working in your online marketing efforts you don't have to worry about which 50% isn't working cause you know it, it's there before you in a way that makes sense to you and your business. That's what I want to be a part of. Scaling those businesses who are changing people and the planet for the better because we still have time and now we have the coolest tools to do it while investing in something, your data, that will become an asset in your business over time. I love what I do and this is how I have found I can do good for the planet, is leverage those businesses who are doing good and being awesome along their way to success.

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