About Sponge

The Sponge is a purposeful branding agency that goes beyond logos. We help you home in on your do-right-edness and amplify your social value. Not in a follow-me-on-Instagram kind of way - but in an I’m-a-responsible-business-who-gives-back-to-my-community way. This results in a deeper purpose for your team, a cult-like following of customers (the good kind), and die-hard fans who, ironically enough, will follow you on Instagram. Our focus is to create a compelling brand story for you. Our branding services include: rebrands and brand refreshes, new brand names, new brand logos, and of course brand strategies and brand stories. We find your good and we tell it to the world. And we solemnly swear to have fun while doing it. We're proud to be B Corp Certified and member of Conscious Capitalism Australia. If you have a a genuinely good business, and you need help with your brand let's talk: 617 3067 8954 (Brisbane), or send us a message through this page.

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