About Insitu Test Pty Ltd

Our purpose is: Enabling people in infrastructure construction to push forward with confidence. For our clients, we help you make better informed timely decisions. We help you get clear insight on what’s going on below the surface when you are designing or constructing infrastructure projects. For our co-workers and those we support in our community, we foster an environment aimed at making the impossible possible. Our core values are: * Service - being super responsive and flexible * Collaboration - excellent at facilitating connections within our extensive network * Knowledge - being knowledgeable and sharing our knowledge generously We thrive on adding value to our clients, whether it be bringing them new business, connecting them with expertise they need or just keeping them up to date with what is happening elsewhere in their own organisation or within their industry. Our testing methods enable better outcomes compared to the current traditional methods (faster, more accurate, more representative, providing better insight, without errors, immediate GPS located results that are visually presented, non destructive, safer, more cost effective etc).

Certifications and Affiliations

Insitu Test Pty Ltd